It would appear that while the UK is obsessed with buying toilet roll and dried pasta, as a young person you are likely to be concerned and anxious for very different reasons. There are still a number of unanswered questions… 

What we can’t do is answer all of your questions right away; we want to make sure our communication with you is calm and purposeful. Now that it is clear you will not be back is school as a Year 11 student, we can help you prepare for your transition to Post 16 study as best we can, in the current situation.

Students in Sixth Form at King Edward’s are curious, motivated and independent learners and as such, your Year Leader has put together some initial guidance on how to prepare for the transition to Year 12. We will be in touch shortly with subject specific work and in due course we will provide further information regarding applications and enrolment.

In the meantime, Stay safe, Stay well, Stay home. 

Information for New Year 12 (2020 cohort)