As the Summer term really kicks in, there is a new space for you to use.
The Den or ‘The Zen Den’ as some of our students call it (upstairs in the Advanced Study Centre) has been transformed into a CALM space – think trees, fire, water, glitter, earth…!
In this CALM space you will find:
  • mindfulness and breathing exercises for you to do there and then or take away with you
  • activities to help you build good foundations as you journey through the term, and into your life ahead
  • opportunities to rekindle your passion and motivation for school – and for a more long-term focus.
This is a space for every student to use at any time, why not take 10 minutes of your day to go and intentionally CALM your mind and body – then go back for another 10 minutes another time to focus on something else. You could even create a rhythm to the coming days and weeks that includes time in the space to care for your own well being in this way.
In The Den you will also find information and contacts of where you can access further support should you need it.
Please remember that Beth is in school on Tuesday lunchtimes and Wednesday afternoons and available to listen, help and support. Please drop her an email if you would like to talk – about anything at all – or pop into The Den if I’m not with another student.
Take care of yourselves!