We firmly believe that our Sixth Form students are role models for students in the Lower School and should fully embrace and embody our core values of integrity, inclusion and innovation. One aspect of Sixth Form life that is fundamental to the success and accomplishment of our Post 16 students is relationships. Positive, mature, supportive but challenging,helps students grow and mature into productive adults.

Positive and inspiring relationships can only be formed if there is an ethos of working together rather than against. We expect all of our students to work with us as a Sixth Form team and represent the Sixth Form and the wider school community to a high standard. It has to be said in a Sixth Form that is pushing upwards of 450 young people, the vast majority do. However, in time for the forthcoming academic year we have to pull together all of our systems, procedures and expectations in one place, in order to fully communicate to students, current and prospective, exactly what is required to study and be successful within Sixth Form at The King Edward VI School.

Code of Conduct 

We are immensely proud of our students and all of their achievements. We are passionate about offering a superb Post 16 experience and we hope that by communicating our expectations openly, students make an informed positive choice to work with us, without compromise or exception.