I wonder if you’ll be singing (or humming) any carols this Christmas season – maybe as you go around the shops or Christmas markets, maybe if you go to a nativity play or church service – maybe to KEVI Carol service! 

For people who believe that Jesus was someone special, someone who could show us what real love, wisdom & goodness looks like, for people who believe Jesus was God turning up here on earth, this carol is an overflow of their excitement and happiness ‘Joy Joy Joy – things are going to start to change around here because God has turned up!’

I wonder what would make you sing ‘Joy to the world!’ Maybe because at this time of year there’s a focus on delicious food, giving & receiving gifts, lazy days to curl up and be with your favourite people. Maybe because you have your own rituals, celebrations and traditions that happen through December. Perhaps because there’s a break from the usual routines – maybe there’ll even be snow! 

Joy can come in all shapes and sizes – things that make us laugh out loud like movies, comedy, playing family games, as well as things that make us smile on the inside – the thoughtful handmade gift, the crunchy frost on the grass, a long walk by ourselves… Christmas isn’t necessarily a happy time for everyone – but perhaps, whatever we face this holiday season, we might take a moment to pause and ponder ‘what brings me joy’ – and let that feeling stay with us and warm us from the inside out.