Dear Prospective Student,

By now you will have all completed your GCSE’s, I bet many of you thought this day would never come! You should all be proud of the hard work you have put in. Hopefully you’re enjoying your long Summer break, after a successful and informative Bridging Week with us. September is a chance to start afresh and be the people that you want to be. You will be studying with a different group of students and new friendships will form, bare in mind we have over 50 applicants from other schools! New interests will flourish and your goals and ambitions grow as you develop into accomplished young adults.

It is our responsibility to support and guide you through Sixth Form, to ensure you have access to and benefit from amazing opportunities. We want you to feel inspired, both personally and academically.

As your Year Leader it’s my role to guide and support you to fulfil your potential, to challenge you, to encourage you and along with your parents/carers be proud of all you accomplish and achieve at King Edward’s. Fiona Long, as your Sixth Form Mentor, is here to ensure you are fully prepared for the next stage of your journey. Largely, Fiona’s focus is you and your life after Sixth Form at King Edward’s. Together with Mrs Johnston (Head of Sixth Form) and Susan Brown our Sixth Form Office Manager we will ensure you have a quality experience and access to the very best guidance for your next steps. Our aim is to ensure you fulfil your potential and reach your ambition, and that along the way you have exclusive experiences that contribute to you personal and academic progress. We hope your parents/carers will delight in all you do and achieve within Sixth Form at King Edward’s. 

When you join us in Sixth Form you immediately become part of a team and community that will be together for two years. We want to celebrate your successes and also support you through the rough patches that will inevitably happen. We want you to communicate with us, to give us your ideas and opinions. We want to reach the end of your two years of Sixth Form with a happy, healthy and aspirational team.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you and supporting you through the next two years of your education, but most importantly to working with you to help you achieve your goals and make your future ambitions a reality. Remember… a dream is just a goal without a deadline!

Sincerely yours,

Miss O’Neill and Fiona

(Year 12 Team)