The election process for 2019 is well underway with a great selection of nominations. The role of Senior Student is a prestigious role that has prominence across the school and within the wider community. Although the titles of Head Boy and Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl are awarded, the reality is a team of four working on behalf of and representing the student community.

As part of the process all interested students had to put themselves forward and get their nomination formally approved and supported by another student and a staff member. Following this, students had to provide their manifesto; their vision for the role, that could be delivered in the form of a two minute speech. All candidates then had a ‘gruelling’ interview schedule with members of the Sixth Form team to further develop their vision and understanding of the role and commitment required.

For the Sixth Form team the interview process is ‘the best bit’ as we get to really explore our Sixth Form through the eyes of our students. It is impressive how articulate and passionate the nominees have been. The prospect of the role is one all nominees are relishing and will really take forward with supporting the wider school community, not just Sixth Form. The ambition and intent palpable, in a good way!

The most pleasing aspect, is that unanimously all nominates honestly share our view of Sixth Form as an inclusive and supportive community that seeks to work with and prepare students for the next stage, whatever that may be. All candidates have expressed a gratitude to The King Edward VI School and the Morpeth Partnership of schools as a whole, in shaping them as active citizens. The candidates want to give something back to the school and help it move forward.

The elections involve all students from Year 11 and Year 12, as well as all staff from across the school. All candidates will make their election addresses in assemblies next week and voting will take place on Friday 15 February,

We wish all candidates the very best of luck and look forward to working with the new Senior Students.