Zoë Jones – Head Girl

The subjects I am studying are Geography, English Literature and History.

My ambition after sixth form is to study one of my A level subjects at university as I am considering a career in law or journalism.

My interests are cycling, going to gigs, and reading. I also love art so I visit galleries often.

I want to be a senior student because I’ve gained so much from my time here at King Edwards and I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities it has provided me with. I want to give something back, in order to make the community even better and to ensure others have a similar positive school experience.

My advice to current year 11’s is to start early, organise your time and to remember the effort you put in for your exams really does pay off. You’re all more than capable of reaching your potential. However, don’t put too much pressure on yourselves, whilst GCSE’s are important so is your happiness and mental health. Make sure you keep doing the things you love and have breaks between revision, it really does help take away some of the stress. I believe in you all and I wish you the best of luck for your exams.

The Stephen Hawking quote is one of my favourite mottos “However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.”


Jack Watts – Head Boy

Subjects Studying: Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Economics.

Ambition after Sixth Form: Probably to go to university to study maths/economics. Though I wouldn’t rule out another option that could take me down a different path e.g. apprenticeship

Hobbies/Interests: football referee at the weekends for my sins, season ticket holder at Newcastle, keen cricket fan, debate.

Why I wanted to be a Senior Student: Hopefully to do something positive for the school community, I want to give something back. I believe that I can represent the students effectively and ideally deliver on things that would be universally beneficial for all.

Advice to current Year 11 students – Firstly, ensure that you are sufficiently prepared for the GCSE period. It’s a marathon not a sprint, you will be have up to 25 exams over a 4 or 5 week period so spread your time sensibly amongst them all. However, most importantly I would tell them not to panic or stress as it just won’t help in any way – stay cool and calm, think hard before committing pen to paper.

Life Motto: Be yourself.


Rosie Bowden – Deputy Head Girl

The Subjects I am studying French, English Literature and Drama.

After Sixth Form, I aim to work within the theatre industry, writing and directing

Outside of school, I enjoy performing and writing – I have a typewriter and spend a lot of time tapping away on that.

Being a senior student has been a long-term ambition of mine as I love to give back and be involved as part of the school community, and have a desire to celebrate differences around the school.

Advice to current year 11 is start as soon as possible so you can have days off revision here and there to just relax. Or start your revision early in the day so it doesn’t consume it. It is all about balance.

My Life motto is ‘A wrong clock is right twice a day’ which shows that there is good in everyone.


John McLean – Deputy Head Boy

I’m studying English Literature, French and History

Following Sixth Form, I hope to go on to university; at the moment I’m interested in studying History and Politics. After university, I’d be interested working within government or the media; It’d also be a dream to be able to work abroad

I’m interested in languages and politics; in my spare time I like learning languages which aren’t taught in school and linguistics, I also keeping up to date with current affairs both at home and abroad

I wanted to become a senior student as I wanted to give back to the school to the school and the wider community, making King Edward’s a place which we can all be proud of

My advice to year 11 would be to start revising early, so that you are as best prepared as possible come exams. But remember this is your last year in high school, so make the most of it – exams are important, but so are you

My life motto is – ‘everyone dies, but not everyone really lives’