As exam season approaches it is important to remind ourselves to look after our emotional and mental health, not just in times of stress or heightened pressure and anxiety but every day.

The mental health benefits of exercise are well documented, the school gym is open to Sixth Form students throughout the week. All you need to do is sign a fair access agreement. Many oft he gyms in Morpeth also have preferential student rates.

One practical thing that can support our emotional and mental health is CLANGERS. These can be daily vitamins of joy and health that can be positive thoughts, actions and rewards to support us each day…

CConnect: build relationships with other, not virtual ones, talk to people

LLearn: maintain the curiosity of youth, rediscover a old hobby, develop new passions and set goals

A(be) Active: ensure your mind and your body are active, take up a sport, do a park run, read a classic novel

NNotice: fill up your senses, be still for 15 minutes each day to reflect and focus on sights, sounds, smells and tastes

G Give back: volunteer in school or in your community, support others and feel a sense of pride and achievement

EEat well: enjoy a broad range of foods and drink plenty of water

RRelax: take time out to rest and relive happy memories

SSleep: essential for emotional and mental health, and maintaining memories. Aim for a regular 8 hours each night.

In School Support

Promotion of good emotional and mental health and well being is important to us as a school and Sixth Form, if you have any suggestions on how we can improve or add to our provision, please speak to any member of the Sixth Form team.

Below outlines some of the things we have and also some additional things we have added to support students’ emotional and mental health:

  • Tutors, mentors, year leaders and/or trusted adults you can talk to
  • You can contact the Counselling Service (posters around ASC) and School Nurses (A1 drop in)
  • Invested in self help literature from Mind, available in The Den, we’ve also ordered some posters to go in ASC and tutor rooms
  • We try to share and repost useful and supportive social media content
  • Book in to see Beth, our Sixth Form Chaplain available Tuesday lunch times and Wednesday afternoons
  • Sessions booked in during Extended Reg, assemblies and Wednesday afternoon Enrichment time
  • Mental Health Advocates training with Brnabas/the NHS
  • Talks from Educational Psychologist on managing stress