Wednesday 18 March 2020

These are uncertain and unprecedented times, please rest assured we are working tirelessly to minimise the impact on students as best we can. We receive daily guidance and updates and respond to these swiftly, we endeavour to communicate efficiently to provide reassurance.

All guidance regarding social distancing and further updates please consult the website 

To manage the situation, we are asking for Sixth Form students to come in only for taught lessons. This means any study periods (free periods) can and should be completed at home for the foreseeable future where possible. Students must sign in/out in the ASC in the usual way as form class registration will be suspended.  Where students are unable to work from home the ASC and LRC are still available for study at this time.

We are aware of a number of staff who will now be absent in the coming days and weeks. Where there is a period of social isolation and not illness, work will continue to be set and students communicated via Google Classroom and email. Students should not attend lessons if the staff member is absent, this information will be communicated to students as soon as we have it.  

As you can appreciate this is an evolving situation and we will do our utmost to communicate with students that are not in school. Please bear with us. Students should check emails regularly for updates.