How often do we hear ourselves say things like: ‘I’m such an idiot’ ‘I’m so bad at that’ ‘I’m a total failure’?? If we start to believe these words, over time, our confidence to do anything can reach rock bottom – and that’s a horrible place to be.

Maya Angelou’s quote encourages us to not only seek success in things we do, but also to pay attention to who we are, what makes us tick, what we are passionate about, and how we engage in the world. And what if we made a point of affirming – even if just to ourselves – what we like about what we see?

What if we said things like ‘I’m really good at…’  ‘I engage in things really well when I…’ ‘I get really passionate about…’? ‘I relate really well to people through…’ Wouldn’t that start to change how we see ourselves?

We may just find that we come to love the quirky, unique, gifted people we are. And we may begin to walk towards the most wonderful, and perhaps most rare type of success in our culture today – loving yourself, so you can be yourself, wherever you find yourself!

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