Work experience plays a huge role in Sixth Form and students are encouraged to seek regular work placements. The experiences should be varied and challenging and used as an opportunity to rule out careers just as much as they can confirm aspirations and intentions. One of our Year 12 students had a hugely rewarding experience with Jump, a placement he arranged himself, thanks to networking at events that we offer like King Edward’s Inspires.

Below, Sam reflects on his work experience:

How would you describe your placement?

Very relaxed and social but professional and open-minded; everyone spoke up in meetings and gave their opinion on each other’s ideas, which felt very collaborative.

What did you gain from your placement?

As well as knowledge of what a work placement is and how a studio operates, I gained the ability to create pieces of digital work with meaning rather than them just looking “nice”.

Did you accomplish what you wanted?

Yes! As well as wanting to learn and gain insight from the designers, I got to experience working life in a studio which is something I’ve not done before.

What was most beneficial to you?

The help and expertise of my colleagues around me who know much more than I did helped me to expand my thinking and ask how something could be done differently.