The King Edward VI School A Level students have once again, achieved excellent results today. Results are very much in line with the school figures for 2019.  The school is delighted that almost three-quarters of students are now moving into higher education at university including many Russell Group institutions. Many others have secured quality apprenticeships and employment during this economically challenging time.

Headteacher, Clare Savage commented:

Each year on the third Thursday in August we traditionally celebrate our students achievements as they leave Year 13 and move on to a range of careers and study opportunities. 

This year in particular we are also celebrating the resilience and fortitude of so many of our students in these unprecedented times. As a school community we are proud of their efforts and achievements. However at this time we also want to celebrate the students that walked out of school in March and straight into roles as key workers in supermarkets, care homes and Covid Test Centres. We want to congratulate the students that have worked their way through university reading lists and online materials…for fun. We want to thank those students who isolated alongside shielding family members to keep them safe.

So many King Edward’s students have demonstrated their true worth in the last few months, a worth that cannot be measured but should be celebrated. Congratulations to all King Edward’s Leavers 2020. We wish all of our students every success in their future endeavours.” 

This year centres were asked to make their best assessment, using a broad range of evidence from across their full programme of study, of what grade the student would be most likely to receive and to place candidates in rank order. The purpose of this ranking was to allow adjustments to take place to ensure the distribution of grades at a national level was similar to previous years.

As Head of Sixth Form Leanne Johnston explained:

This is a process that has never been attempted before and was forced by circumstances which nobody could possibly have foreseen. Staff have worked diligently to provide grades for students and to place them in rank order as fairly and accurately as possible. Although these grades are awarded using a different method they fully reflect the hard work of our students throughout their time at King Edward’s. We would like to thank staff and parents who have supported our students throughout their time here.”