The qualification is designed for students who achieve at least a good pass at GCSE Maths but who choose not to continue A Level Mathematics. It is equivalent in size to an AS Level qualification and carries the same UCAS points as an AS Level qualification.

The course enables students to

Study a mathematics curriculum that is integrated with other areas of their study, leading to the application of mathematics in these areas

Develop mathematical modelling, evaluating and reasoning skills

Solve problems which may not be well defined and may not have a unique solution

Solve substantial, real life problems

Use ICT as an exploratory tool and when solving problems

Develop skills in the communication, selection, use and interpretation of their mathematics

Enjoy mathematics and develop confidence in using mathematics

Course Content in brief:

  • Analysing data
  • Personal finance
  • Estimation
  • Spreadsheets
  • Statistics


Students will receive regular mini assessments to track progress throughout the course.

Final assessment is by two calculator written papers both for one and a half hours, worth 60 marks each.

What Next?

Core Maths will link with any subject that has a mathematical content. All sciences including the Social Sciences, Geography, Computer Science, Business, Economics to name a few.

As a follow up the link to careers in these areas is obvious. There is a large proportion of finance, data analysis and use of spreadsheets on the course so well suited to future careers where data analysis would be required.

Core Maths – Level 3 Mathematical Studies Subject Leader: Miss C Waterhouse

Syllabus: AQA

Course Specification: 1350

Qualification: Level 3