Students will follow the A Level Mathematics course simultaneously. Those who opt for Further Maths will also do Maths and hence gain two separate Maths qualifications. They will extend their knowledge of the key principles of Pure Maths covered in A Level Mathematics and will also study Statistics and Mechanics to a greater depth. It is essential that students enjoy the problem solving nature of Maths and have a strong background in the subject.

Students will cover Pure Maths concepts including more advanced matrix algebra, differential equations, hyperbolic functions and further coordinate systems. We also look at the use of complex numbers. In addition they will cover different probability distributions in Statistics and more advanced hypothesis testing and greater use of Newton’s Laws of motion in Mechanics involving projectile motion. We also look at mathematical modelling across Pure Maths, Mechanics and Statistics.


Students will take an assessment at the end of each topic to monitor progress. These mini assessments do not count towards a final grade. The final examinations will take place at the end of the course. Students will take a separate paper for Pure Maths to the applied disciplines of Statistics and Mechanics. A scientific calculator that allows students to gain information from statistical tables and apply matrix manipulation is essential. These can be ordered from the Maths department.

What Next?

Further Maths goes well with Maths, Sciences (Physics and Chemistry in particular), Economics, Computer Science but also with Social Sciences such as Psychology. Most of our students who take Further Maths enter fields such as Physics, Astrophysics, Engineering, Mathematics, Economics or which include the use of statistics such as Medical Statistics. It is worth noting that some universities will require Further Maths as essential to pursue a Maths degree and very desirable if not essential for some Engineering or Computer Science degrees.

Further Mathematics Subject Leader: Miss C Waterhouse

Syllabus: Edexcel

Course Specification: 9FMO

Qualification: A Level