This qualification is relevant to all students contemplating working in every area of Health Care or Social Care. Students are supported to find a work experience in a health or social care setting to meet their personal career aspirations. This work experience will also support students learning across all units. Work experience gives students an advantage when applying for university or college places and employment because students have the opportunity to apply experience of professional working practices to their assessments.

The units you will study over the two years are as follows:

Unit 1: Building relationships in health and social care (Internal assessment)

Unit 2: Equality, Diversity and Rights in Health and Social Care (External exam)

Unit 3: Health, Safety and Security in Health and Social Care (External exam)

Unit 4: Anatomy and Physiology for health and social care (External exam)

Unit 17: Supporting people with mental health conditions and Unit 24 Public Health (both internally assessed)

Students are expected to complete at least one work placement in Year 12 to support coursework. Many students choose more placements or attend placements over an extended period e.g. Wednesday afternoon.

Exam and Coursework Units

Unit 2  Unit 3  Unit 4  Unit 17  Unit 24


Students are assessed through a mix of external examinations and coursework.

There will be two exams (unit 2 and unit 3) at the end of Year 12 and one exam (unit 4) at the end of Year 13. Coursework is tracked and monitored throughout Year 12 and 13.

What Next?

Subjects that go well with H&SC are Science, Applied Science, Food Science and Nutrition, Psychology, Sociology, Children’s Play, Learning and Development and PE. Students go on to study nursing, midwifery, teaching, social work and care work.

Health & Social Care Subject Leader: Mrs Hazel Marshall

Syllabus: OCR Cambridge Technical

Course Specification: 05830-05833, 05871 (2016 suite)

Qualification: Level 3