The specification builds on the knowledge, understanding and skills gained at GCSE.

Course Information

A Level Spanish is the right subject for you if you…

  • Enjoy learning about language and culture
  • Want to develop opinions about current issues
  • Enjoy speaking and contributing to discussions
  • Enjoy expressing your ideas and points of view
  • Have a good memory for vocabulary
  • Have a logical mind for applying grammar
  • Enjoy independent research
  • Have good independent study habits
  • Like to keep up to date with current affairs
  • Are organised and can meet deadlines


Course content

Students will study technological and social change, looking at the multicultural nature of Hispanic society. They will study highlights of Hispanic artistic culture, including a focus on Spanish regional identity and the cultural heritage of past civilisations. They will also learn about aspects of the diverse political landscape of the Hispanic world and explore the influence of the past on present-day Hispanic communities. Throughout their studies, they will learn the language in the context of Hispanic countries and issues and influences which have shaped them. Students will study texts and film and will have the opportunity to carry out independent research on an area of their choice.


Topics studied

  • Aspects of Hispanic society: Modern and traditional values, Cyberspace, Equal rights
  • Multiculturalism in Hispanic society: Immigration, Racism, Integration
  • Artistic culture in the Hispanic world: Modern day idols, Spanish regional identity, Cultural heritage
  • Aspects of political life in the Hispanic world: Today’s youth – tomorrow’s citizens, Monarchies and dictatorships, Popular movements


Paper 1: Listening, reading and writing 2 hours 30 minutes (100 marks – 50% of A Level)

Listening to and reading questions in Spanish with non-verbal and responses in Spanish on:

  • Aspects of Spanish speaking society
  • Artistic culture in the Spanish speaking world
  • Multiculturalism in Spanish speaking society
  • Aspects of political life in Spanish speaking society
  • Translation into English; a passage of minimum 100 words
  • Translation into Spanish; a passage of minimum 100 words

Paper 2: Writing 2 hours (80 marks – 20% of A Level)

  • Either one question in Spanish on a text and one question in Spanish on a film ( a choice of two questions each) or two questions in Spanish on texts (two questions on each text)

Paper 3: Speaking 21–23 minutes including 5 minutes preparation time (60 marks- 30% of A Level)

  • Discussion of one of four sub-themes (i.e. Aspects of Spanish speaking society, Artistic culture in the Spanish speaking world, Multiculturalism in Spanish speaking society or

Aspects of political life in Spanish speaking society) with the discussion based on a stimulus card (5–6 minutes). The student studies the card for 5 minutes at the start of the test.

  • Presentation (2 minutes) and discussion (9–10 minutes) of individual research project.


What Next?

Having studied a language is a highly valued skill by universities and employers. It compliments careers in Finance, Business, Engineering, Tourism, Diplomacy, Civil Service and Education.

For the past five years, nearly 90% of our students who chose to study a language degree or a joint honours degree with a language got a place in a Russell group university.


Spanish Subject Leader: Mrs J Davis

Syllabus: AQA

Course Specification: A7692

Qualification: A Level