Post 16 Bursary: Students entering any Post 16 education may be eligible for the Post 16-19 Bursary. The bursary is designed to enable students to access education, which they may not otherwise have been able to. The bursary is made up of two separate payment pathways, eligibility criteria must be met for both.

Pathway 1

Eligibility for the weekly bursary is dependent on any of the criteria below:

  • Young people in Care

  • Care Leavers

  • Young people in receipt of ESA who are also in receipt of SLA or PIP payments

  • Young people who receive Universal Credit payments in their own name


  • Have been in receipt of Free School Meals at any point in the last six years

You could qualify for up to £1200 of support You could qualify for up to £780 of support

Students eligible for Pathway 1 payments will automatically be able to apply for Pathway 2 payments.

Pathway 2

Adhoc Discretionary Payments will be administered on a one off basis, and will be paid strictly on individual merit to assist essential educational participation where hardship is experienced. Any student may apply for assistance.  Students who are from a low income background e.g. in receipt of Working Families Tax Credit or experience hardship through the year e.g. parental redundancy may apply by providing evidence. Social factors are also considered.

Subsidised Transport: Students can apply for some financial assistance towards Post 16 transport. Sixth Form at King Edward’s would seek to support students who live in excess of 3 miles from school by reducing the cost of their Post 16 travel in order to access our provision.

The Sixth Form Team would be happy to discuss individual personal circumstances as appropriate.