We all need cheerleaders.

Think about your world – who are the people who say ‘well done?’ Who picks you up
when you are down and helps you go again? Who celebrates with you? Who nods or
winks or smiles in your direction when you look around to see who’s with you?

These past months have been immensely difficult. In different ways and to varying
degrees we have all experienced worry, loss, disappointment – and some of these
have grown into sustained anxiety, grief, anger and frustration. None of these are
easy emotions to carry around with us.

As we look to the Summer, some of us to receiving grades, others to making big
‘next step’ decisions, others to a return to whatever ‘normal’ will look like, we, more
than ever, need to surround ourselves with people who will walk with us, cheer us
on, remind us to care for ourselves and give us the strength, laughter and hope we
need. We also need to be those people for others.

In our well being sessions on building Emotional Resilience this year, we looked at
how important it is to know who the people are who are on your side no matter what.
We also explored what it might mean to be a Sixth Form community which supports
and helps each other, even, and especially, in the face of worry, fear and

Here are some of the phrases the current Year 12 community came up with – they are for us all.

Focus on the positives

Just breathe It will be OK

It’s not the end of the world

Don’t worry

It’s going to be alright

Just be positive and you’ll succeed

Get some help if you’re struggling

You’re better than you know

Your grades do not define you

You don’t know what can happen if you don’t try

Which of these phrases might be ones you choose to carry with you as we walk into
the next season of our lives? Could you write it out to have on your wall? On your
phone? Which of these phrases might be ones you send to others – could you write it
for them in a message, on a card, in a sketch?

The idea that we are a Sixth Form community is a big one. It takes us outside of our
own private journey and opens us up to giving and receiving support, care and
encouragement on our journey together.

We all need cheerleaders. We are each others cheerleaders.

Get practising today!



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