The summer holidays are rapidly approaching and you’re all getting ready to let off some, well-deserved, steam. It is fair to say that this academic year seems to have flown by and has probably left a trail of shell-shocked students in its wake.

The vast majority of you have spent the year working very hard; tackling that notorious jump from GCSEs to A Levels and sitting exams that may determine your future. What we are trying to say is, you deserve a break! Summer holidays are your chance to unwind, have fun and creative memories, as well as catching up with friends and family in the sun (hopefully!). However, six weeks is a long time and time that could be used wisely too. Being off during the week is a perfect opportunity to organise valuable work experience, even if this is just a couple of days spent shadowing a relative with an interesting profession. It could be your chance to get a foot in the door with a company you could see yourself at in the future. If you’d rather stay closer to home, there’s always the chance to get a couple of quick MOOCs under your belt too. Follow the link on Unifrog and find one that is related to the field you want to study/work in. 

The time off might also get you thinking about what you would like to do at the end of Year 13. Maybe you want to squeeze in a bit of travelling before starting uni or and apprenticeship? Maybe you want to get signed up for some kind of Summer Internship? Maybe you want to try out some kind of Summer Camp such as Camp America? Whatever experiences you choose to embrace this summer, remember…be proactive, seize the moment, stay safe and wear sun cream!