We hope you have accessed and found some of the preparatory work Ms O’Neill, your future Year Leader, put together for you. We cannot stress enough the importance of super curricular engagement (work that is in addition to specifications, work that is pursued for personal interest and fulfilment). Students in our Sixth Form have a real desire for learning and that is what enables them to succeed and secure exceptional final outcomes on their courses. 

Over the past weeks our teachers have been collating a range of focused material to help you prepare for your chosen course of study. The expectation is that you will engage with this work and complete the tasks for each of the three subjects you intend to study. Learning materials can be accessed via this link

Places and confirmed subject choices will be agreed on enrolment once all results are confirmed. There will be an opportunity for students to review their subject choices and request changes at that point (subject to availability). No subject changes will be made prior to this time. Students can access the work for all courses we offer, they can use the material to help them decide their final choices but should complete the work for the three subjects they intend to study. Any requests for subject changes must take into consideration our pool structure; students must select one subject from each of three of the four pools (i.e. not exceeding three subjects in total).